TURAKK Description Edit

Skin Turakk 0
This tiny mage combines burst damage with high mobility while casting skills. Keep an eye on his energy to make use of his full damage potential.

Style: Ranged, Poke

TURAKK Overview Edit

Damage (3/4)

Defense (2/4)

Movement (2/4)

Utility (1/4)

Difficulty (3/4)

TURAKK Skills Edit


SKYFALL: Attacks single targets with rays from the sky while being able to move. Consumes energy for extra damage.

CHARGED BLAST: Charges and freezes his look direction on activation. Then fires a devastating blast of plasma projectiles until his energy runs out.

SWIFTNESS: Increases movement speed and grants energy. Can also be used while Charged Blast is in progress.

REFRESHING SHIELD: Briefly shields himself, reducing damage taken. Also grants energy and immunity to stuns and slows.

TURAKK Videos Edit

Latest official Gameplay Video

TURAKK Skins Edit

TURAKK (Basic Skin):

Skin Turakk 1


Skin Turakk 2

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