SHAKKUR Description Edit

Skin Shakkur 0

Born without a face, this nightmarish assassin carries his one good eye on his deadly dagger. Using stealth and deadly strikes, he consumes unsuspecting targets at will.

Style: Melee, Assassin

SHAKKUR Overview Edit

Damage (3/4)

Defense (1/4)

Movement (3/4)

Utility (3/4)

Difficulty (4/4)

SHAKKUR Skills Edit


STAB: Quickly attack a single enemy in melee range.

THROWING DAGGER: Throws a dagger at an enemy, revealing the target and generating Energy.
SHADOW WALK: The Shadow Assassin becomes invisible, ignoring unit collision and generating Energy overtime.
EXECUTE: Execute a nearby enemy target, consuming Energy and dealing massive damage. Enemies marked with Throwing Dagger allow Shakkur to dash behind the target and deal bonus damage when activating this ability.

SHAKKUR Videos Edit

Latest official Gameplay Video

SHAKKUR Skins Edit

SHAKKUR (Basic Skin):

Skin Shakkur 1


Skin Shakkur 2

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