Player Skill & Matchmaking approach: Edit

- Sort players by skill to improve matchmaking

- Rate players individually (no team ratings)

- Show basic player skill in game

Player Skill calculation is based on: Edit

- Kills

- Assists

- Deaths

- Minions killed

- Personal play time

- Team average

- Enemy Team strength

Calculation approach: Edit

- Wins will most likely increase your skill rating

- Losses will most likely decrease your skill rating

- But wins may not necessarily increase your skill while defeats may not decrease your skill!

- If the loss was expected (enemy team is much better from rating), you may not lose skill rating if you lose and vice versa (if your victory was expected)

- If you win but your personal score is bad you may not increase your skill rating. Also if you lose you may not lose skill rating if you personal score is good.

- Also if your skill rating is good the system will expect better scores and vice versa

Matchmaking approach: Edit

- No queue time: Playes will directly join the most fitting game

- Sort by skill level: The system prefers to match players of equal skill

- Equalize teams: The system tries to even out players to have an equal average skill level of both teams. So if the blue team has a Gold player the red team may also get a gold player if available.

- Weaker team prioritized: If both teams have an equal number of players the weaker team (by rating) will receive the next joining player.

Unequal player numbers approach: Edit

- With the basic design of the game players will join and leave games. To support the smaller team, we implemented the Bot and the smaller team buff:

- The team with the smaller player amount receives a Bot

- The Bot is stupid but is a pretty decent pusher so the enemies can't ignore him. The Bot should just buy time until a human player joins and is not designed to make game changing plays! The Bot is stupid on purpose and does not farm the enemy team!

- Also the smaller team receives damage and health buffs: The bigger the difference in player numbers the stronger the buff!

- Totally unbalanced games (player number) will be restarted

Leaver approach: Edit

- Leaving games is generally OK! Other players can join the open slot.

- If you leave a running game you won't get XP or Gold to motivate players to finish games.

- But constantly leaving games will be punished by subtracting the maximum loss skill value

- Players receive a warning first to be aware of the leaver protection

- Reduce your leaver rating by playing multiple games to the end

- Calculation leaver rating: +1 for joining a game, -1 for finishing a game

- Leaver state: 0-1 = no action; 2 = warning but no action; 3+ leaver skill penalty is active

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