MIRAGE Description Edit

Skin Mirage 0

Using the power of light to trick her opponents, the Illusion Mage has great abilities to outmanoeuvre foes and assassinate them.

Style: Ranged, Assassinate

MIRAGE Overview Edit

Damage (4/4)

Defense (1/4)

Movement (4/4)

Utility (1/4)

Difficulty (3/4)

MIRAGE Skills Edit

LIGHTBALL: Casts a ball of light at an enemy for high single target damage. Consumes energy for more damage.
MIRROR DASH: Dash forward dealing damage and leaving behind a mirror image that you can jump back to within 5 seconds.
MIRROR JUMP: Create an image of yourself in front of you, which you can teleport to within 5 seconds.
PRISM BOMB: Create an image of yourself in front of you which detonates after a short duration dealing massive damage.

MIRAGE Videos Edit

Latest official Gameplay Video

MIRAGE Skins Edit

MIRAGE (Basic Skin):

Skin Mirage 1-0

Moonlight MIRAGE:

Skin Mirage 2-0

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