KEELY Description Edit

Skin Keely 0

This rebellious gun-crazed chick wreaks havoc at long range with her custom-made multi-action rifle. Aim away from face!

Style: Ranged, Burst

KEELY Overview Edit

Damage (3/4)

Defense (1/4)

Movement (2/4)

Utility (2/4)

Difficulty (2/4)

KEELY Skills Edit

FIRE: Fires her rifle at a single enemy at long range. You can hold the button to lock on to a target.
RECOIL SHOT: Knocks the Hero backwards and deals AoE Damage. Can be used as an escape.
RAPID FIRE: Hold the button to rapidly fire a barrage of bullets until your Ammo is empty.
MORTAR: Launches a flashbang mortar that stuns and silences all enemies where it lands.

KEELY Videos Edit

Latest official Gameplay Video

KEELY Skins Edit

KEELY (Basic Skin):

Skin Keely 1

Cyber KEELY:

Skin Keely 2

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