JIN LONG Description Edit

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As a master of martial arts and meditation, this humble reptilian monk stands to combat evil in all forms. He is an agile melee fighter who can kick enemies around.

Style: Melee, Engage

JIN LONG Overview Edit

Damage (2/4)

Defense (3/4)

Movement (3/4)

Utility (3/4)

Difficulty (3/4)

JIN LONG Skills Edit

DRAGONPUNCH: Throw powerful melee punches that slow your target.
KICK: Spend energy to kick enemies in your path. If they are close to you, you will drag them along with you.
MEDITATE: Refill your energy and heal over 3 seconds. You cannot take actions while meditating.
SANCTUARY: Sanctify the ground you are standing on, creating a circle that slows enemies and heals allies.

JIN LONG Videos Edit

Latest official Gameplay Video

JIN LONG Skins Edit

JIN LONG (Basic Skin):

Skin JinLong 1

Turtle JIN LONG:

Skin JinLong 2

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