GRIMNOR Description Edit

Skin Grimnor 0

This mighty dwarf mastered combat with his axes and can dig into the ground to avoid damage. Very dangerous at short distances.

Style: Melee, Poke

GRIMNOR Overview Edit

Damage (2/4)

Defense (3/4)

Movement (1/4)

Utility (3/4)

Difficulty (1/4)

GRIMNOR Skills Edit

AND MY AXE!: Attack with your axes, building up Energy each hit.
AXE THROW: Throw an axe that slows enemies hit. With full energy, the next axe will be a special axe, stunning enemies.
SPECIAL AXE: Throw an axe that stuns all enemies hit. Consumes all of your energy. Build up energy with your melee attacks.
DIG IN: Hold the button to dig into the earth. While submerged, you don't take damage and regenerate health.

SPIN: Spins around on the spot hitting all enemies, building up Energy for each unit hit.

GRIMNOR VideosEdit

Latest official Gameplay Video

GRIMNOR Skins Edit

GRIMNOR (Basic Skin):

Skin Grimnor 1-0

Darkforge GRIMNOR:

Skin Grimnor 2-0

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