DALIA Description Edit

Skin Dalia 0

A fragile flower creature that dances across the battlefield swiftly but dangerously. She needs to close in to other players to heal allies or root enemies to the ground.

Style: Melee, Heal, Engage

DALIA Overview Edit

Damage (1/4)

Defense (2/4)

Movement (3/4)

Utility (4/4)

Difficulty (3/4)

DALIA Skills Edit

TUMBLE: Spin around gracefully, damaging nearby enemies.
GROWTH: Heal yourself and allies around you. Consumes Energy.
ROOTS: You passively spawn roots that mark enemies. Active: Damage and stun all enemies in a circle after a short wind up. Marked enemies take extra damage and are slowed during the wind up.
SPEED-UP: Speed up yourself and all nearby allies for a short duration.

DALIA Videos Edit

Latest official Gameplay Video

DALIA Skins Edit

DALIA (Basic Skin):

Skin Dalia 1

Queen Bee DALIA:

Skin Dalia 2

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